Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another day finished

A number of attractions, exhibits, museums, and other places around the center of the country have opened their doors to residents of the North to a free entrance, and today we took advantage of that to go to the Safari in Ramat Gan. The safari itself was kind of, um, OK, but the zoo is excelent, and we have a great time walking around. The exhibits aren't far apart, it's shady, and it was a nice day.

tomorrow we'll go to a water park which is half-price for northern residents...not cheap, even at half-price, but I would have never attempted it at full-price, so it's appreciated.

I also organized a different place to go to for shabbat, because the people that I'm staying with here had a long-standing committment to host some other people for Shabbat...visitors from the States. So we'll go to Modi'in to other friends for Shabbat.

I am more appreciative than I can ever say to the people around here who have opened our homes to us, and to other evacuees from the North, but it's very difficult, being in someone else's house, trying to use someone else's kitchen, and basically being dependent on the good will of others. The family that we're with are extremely low-key and easy-going, but it's still uncomfortable. However, I imagine that many others are in much more difficult circumstances, and I try to keep things in prespective.

A Tzfat resident repeated, on the local e-mail, a call from a well-regarded local rabbi, to people who had left, to return. He pointed out that many people cannot leave -- either they don't have anywhere to go, or they physically can't leave. This is understandable, and I am torn, since, on principle, I believe that he's right. If I was one my own, I'd return, or, probably, not have left to begin with. But I am responsible for my 10-year-old right now (the other kids aren't here now) and she had to leave Tzfat...she was a nervous wreck while we were there. I don't have the answer. I feel guilty that, as uncomfortable as it is to be living in someone else's house, I'm pretty lucky that I have a situation that allows me to be here. Life is....complicated.


TsfatMarm said...

Hi Laurie,
Galus sucks, no way around it. We are with amazing wonderful relatives, and I just want to go home. Nothing against them, but I miss my own home.
I would go back in a second if it was only me. However, if I leave, then my kids would be a burden to my relatives, and that isn't right. I can't keep my kids on house arrest, and I got them out before they were nervous wrecks (Sunday morning), but I can't take them back to the situation as it is.
In this difficult time, I think it is very important for us not to judge each other on our decisions. We all consult ourselves, pray, and make the decisions as best we can. Whatever happens after we do such careful cheshbon nefesh is from Hashem. I would love to go back, but I do not feel I can take my kids back. My main responsibility is to them, so I'm not hurrying back.

May we be blessed with a speedy return to our homes!

Leah PettePiece said...

We are looking for Israel and Lori Smith do you happen to know where they are? We have tried calling but the lines are always in use, we have emailed to no answers, we wanted to offer them two return flight tickets to the US and a place to stay as long as they need with of course all of the children, we have a great community here in Long Beach and would be honored to try to help.
Let us know if you know where to reach them.
Leah & Theo PettePiece

Laurie said...

they are in the gush etzion region. I don't know exactly where. If you are still receiving the Tzfatline, I believe that one of the recent issues mentioned where they were, with their contact e-mail. I'm sorry, but I don't have it here. Laurie