Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Return to the homefires

Came back yesterday from the bris of my new nephew. Aryeh Leib Sendler was inducted into the Jewish people at 8:30a.m., and after a bit of planning, I, Hagai and Margalit were able to attend. We went down by bus on Sunday afternoon (filling up a tank of gas now costs $100, so for just the 3 of us, we could get there and back, plus enjoy pizza for dinner, for quite a bit less), slept over at the LIvnot campus, and got to the bris on Monday morning on time, thanks to a swiftly-moving taxi in Jerusalem.

The shul is Litvak (the non-hassidic Lithuanian school), so the bris actually started on time, and it was nice to see my brother and his wife, though Margalit was quite disappointed that their older son wasn't there...she desperately wants a baby to take care of. I've actually considered, if my marital situation ever resolves itself, fostering a child one day, so maybe that will take care of her desire to be a big sister. Of course, I might just be biting off a bigger piece than I can chew too, but one thing at a time.

The bris featured a tradition that many in the more Ultra-Orthodox world embrace, namely that no "seudah" (festive meal) is complete without meat, so, at 9:00a.m. we were served chicken snitzels. Needless to say, i passed, though Hagai said that the snitzels were quite good. I think that my daughters' vegetarianism is growing on me, and while I doubt that I'll ever be a full vegetarian, i usually prefer non-meat meals. (they take more imagination and time to cook though).

Speaking of food, I bet that everyone is wondering how my Weight Watchers is going. Right?

Well, I haven't lost any more weight in the last 2 weeks, but I continue, if I may say so, to look good! Better than 6 months ago, at any rate...I'd still like to drop another 5 kilos. My friend gave me a hint about getting the metabolism going again...she says that when you hit a no-loose snag, your body has often gotten used to your new eating habits, and you have to rev it up, so you should change your eating pattern.

She suggested dropping most carbs, and, keeping to the same number of points, revising your eating habits by eating mostly proteins (along with vegetables and fruits). So I'm trying that. It is definitely less expensive to eat more carbohydrates -- proteins cost more. But I've made a committment, and am "treating" myself to healthy low-fat food.

It's much easier to diet when you're not at home all day -- I take the food that I plan out for myself in the morning, and that's what I have for the day. On Fridays when I'm home, I find it very hard to watch my points, and I'm grateful for the framework that work gives me.

Speaking of that, I've decided that after Shavouth, I'm going to take a couple of days off and try to get my business-idea off of the ground. I have an idea that I think will be good, and have just been reluctant to invest the time and resources to get it started. But now I have decided to push myself and try to make it a success. The saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is so true, and I have to be prepared to give this a chance.

More another time...I'm not yet ready to discuss my idea, but when the website comes out......

I'm certain

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TsfatMarm said...

Kol haKavod Lach! Go get 'em with the business, and keep on keeping on with the WW.

I'm having to go back to the hospital for a salary and try to keep up my business on the side. Profits have shrunk to non-existant for now. Not that the salary will pay all the bills, not by a long shot. But it will mean at least something coming in to count on.

Plus the project is interesting and I'll get to be involved with folks from Tel Chai and Migal. I've never gotten that "build up the Galil" dream out of my system, thankfully!

Also, the walk to an from the hospital will be good for me. Not that I ever lose weight. Must try WW some time, I guess. I'm a pretty disciplined person, but with the budget tight it's definitely carb city around here.

More pasta and salad anyone?