Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jimmy Hoffa?

I can't believe it! Jimmy Hoffa is back in the news! The boss/gangster/mafioso who disappeared not far from my Michigan home about 30 years ago is making headlines again, as the FBI and local cops still try to find his body.

The funny thing is the "who is Jimmy Hoffa" stories circulating. I mean, 30 years ago, the name "Jimmy Hoffa" was known to every tot above the age of 5, and now, it's like "um, Jimmy WHO?"

Quite right too, I suppose....time moves on. But maybe I'm missing something. I mean, how many hours and $$$ were wasted STILL trying to find his body? Who cares? The guy, by all counts, was a true criminal and knew that he was playing with fire with his business-dealings with the local Mafia. So, aside from Mrs. Hoffa, who cares WHERE his body is?

This morning offered another "Israel moment". It's the day before the kids get off for Shavouth vacation, and all the gans (kindergardens) in the city gather at a couple of the synagogues for a pre-Shavouth party. The kids come dressed in blue and white, and in each synagogue, a rabbi greets them and tells them stories about the Torah scrolls, the Jewish people, the holiday of Shavouth, etc.

One of the central synagogues where the children come is located next to my office, and this morning at about 10:00a.m., streams of 3,4, and 5-year-olds came down the stairs with their teachers and some parents, smiling and chattering. Children from all the gans gather together...religious and secular, and many of the children are new immigrants from Ethopia, who are scattered throughout the city's gans and schools (to avoid ghettoization and encourage the younger generation to integrate into Israeli society). The picture of all these kids streaming down the stairs together was beautiful, and I'm sorry that I didn't have a camera available.

With the introduction of internet to more and more homes, it's becoming easier and easier to disseminate information throughout the community, and this year, most of the learning opportunities are posted on the Tzfat website. I admit, I'm still a bit awed at how much our world has changed, and how much easier it is to pass along information. Of course, there's a lot that is quite dangerous with the internet, but one can try to concentrate on the positive.

Hope I have renters for Shavouth. I've already planned out how to spend the would be nice to have a bit of extras here and there.

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