Friday, May 05, 2006

Israel Independence Day

This week was Israel Independence Day, Yom HaAtzmaut. The family celebration is dwindling, but we still did the day up proud.

Avishai, of course, is in the army, and Ariella went somewhere (not that she told me...I know because we babysat Lucy, her wolf-dog). Yochi went to Tiberias at night to see the performances (the ones in Tzfat were hopeless), so she didn't feel like coming with us on a picnic the next day. She wanted to sleep. But Hagai, Margalit and I, together with some a bunch of neighbors (don't ASK how many people I stuffed into the car!) went up north, together with some other families, to a spot along the Banias river. VERY nice, though personally, I would have been just as happy to go down to the wadi below Tzfat where some of our other friends were going. But Hagai didn't feel that that was a proper Yom HaAtzmaut outing...he wanted water and nature. And frankly, it's the kids that I'm doing all this for, so...OK. On we go.

We got back about 6:00p.m., in time to shower and relax, and then Hagai headed out with his friends to look for boards for the Lag B'Omer fire. I would appreciate a moment to breath!

Just took a shower and Bagheera jumped in through the window while I was showering. Strange way to take a shower, with a cat watching from the window ledge, meowing his hunger. Still haven't found a home for Lola, who grows on me -- she's a lovely dog, gentle and sweet. But I don't WANT three dogs! Sigh. And now she's about half-a-year old...time to get her spayed. There goes a couple hundred shekels.

The street where we live is in the middle of construction, and everyone is up in arms. The place looks like a bomb hit it, and the workers haven't been seen for weeks. When are they going to start working, next winter? I asked the director of the project for a neighborhood meeting, and organized the neighbors. The meeting was cancelled at the last minute due to the death of someone that the director knows, so we'll (read: I'll) reschedule. I was pleased to see how many neighbors were ready to come to the meeting, but I get depressed at the lack of initiative...why do I, a single mother who works full-time, runs a b&b, and takes care of 3 children IN MY SPARE TIME have to organize this? Everyone is disgusted by the irresponsible nature of the work being done...can't someone else organize?

There's Yoda, walking along my counter looking for something to eat. Whoops...he got a potato knish which was sitting on the hot plate, waiting for me to turn it on for Shabbat. The cat's name should be "Chutzpa". And another thing...since when do cats like potato knishes? (I keep the challah hidden in the oven until we eat because I know, from past experience, that Yoda will munch on that too. He also likes vegetables. There's something WRONG with this cat!)

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