Sunday, April 16, 2006


Avishai is about to lynch me over the continuing presence of Lola.

Yochi is about to lynch me because I agreed to babysit Ariella's dog, Lucy, for a couple of mornings (it was a compromise...Lucy will stay here for the mornings, and head over to Yoni for the afternoon and evening).

Ariella is upset because she can't go anywhere without thinking of a solution for Lucy, and in my desire to try to not push her away entirely, I want to help, where possible.

Margalit wants to help Ariella.

And I, personally, don't want to go home today, and face all of this.

An interesting aside....weight watchers in Israel put out a special page for Pesach, which shows the number of points for the various Pesach foods. Only in Israel.....

We had a great Seder with our neighbors. And a pleasant Shabbat. Now I have to start lining up guests for the second yom tov.

And cooking.

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