Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Calm before the Storm

Tonight is Seder night, the first one that I've ever led. Last year we were on our own as well, but we were invited out. This year, though we were again invited, we decided to stay home and do our Seder with another family with kids our own kids' ages. So, since I'm the "hostess" and the other family is also a single-mother and her girls, I guess I'm basically the one who will manage the order of things.

I've been scanning the internet for weeks, trying to find interesting vignettes, thoughts, ideas, inspirations, insights....whatever might make the Seder intersting, and take us beyond where we used to be, which was simply taking turns reading the various passages of the Hagaddah. It used to bother me terribly, but in the interest of not starting WWIII in my house, I never said anything, just tried to add something here and there, with which I was met with stony stares. I wish that it wasn't so late in my childrens' lives to start to do something meaningful for the Seder, and that they'd had one of those Seders that I read and hear about, where the leader of the Seder keeps things active and alive. But we can try to start somewhere.

At least I don't dread it anymore.

So I'm the only one up in the house now, which is lovely. I started the soup and the strawberry jam, a staple of our Pesach (I mush up fresh strawberries with a bit of sugar and simmer it on the stove for's something that the kids look forward to, and makes eating matza much easier.

I'll also make "matza granola", which I munch -- baked matza crumbles with nuts and honey. I think that keeping to my 20 Weight Watcher's points this week is going to be impossible, but maybe I can keep from gaining!

Time to go cook.

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TsfatMarm said...

Would it help to tell you that even with trying to keep the kids involved, the teen years tend towards "oof, when are we going to EAT???"?

After the first cup of wine, I had a horrid premonition of what might be in another couple of years when the other two kids hit teens... we'll go back to inviting guests!

At least after the 13 year old spilled her grape juice due to slouching and attempting to look more bored than she actually probably was, she sat up properly.

I enjoyed the seder, as always. It's the highlight of my year.

And I make Matza granola, too! Ymmmm.