Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ah, yes. Now I remember why I so rarely post pictures. They take so darned long to upload! Aside from that, when I do it at home, I've got the peanut gallery standing around, criticizing and commenting on the pictures that I choose to post. "Why that one? What's she putting up on her blog? HA HA...she has a blog? Don't use that picture, I look stupid in it. Use the other one of me...."

It's been raining on and off intermittedly throughout the morning. I'm hoping that the shuk is open and thriving, because I promised the kids that we'd go this afternoon to get sandals. I have to get Margalit another pair of shoes, too....Lola chomped on her other pair. I really feel that a family with pets is a healthy thing, but sometimes....

Margalit happily went to her karate class this morning, which was nice, because it's been so hard to get her to the classes that she's missed a lot, and I'm paying a LOT for it. The classes are usually on Wednesday afternoons, but because it's Pesach vacation, they are doing one class during the morning.

It's a theraputic karate class for kids who could benefit from occupational therapy (she's ADHD/ADD...don't know exactly which) but who do their therapy in a group setting. The organizer, a friend of mine, is an occupational therpist, and works together with the actual karate teacher. They've been doing these groups for over 10 years now. Avishai was in the first one, and I think that he was about 8 when he started. The groups combine kids with difficulties together with kids who "don't have issues", and it's very successful. There's a lot of literature about the success of karate for special-needs kids, as well as kids with mild "issues".

But the stress and fruatration of making sure that Margalit gets to her group is beyond me, and I won't be signing her up again. Yoni took her a few times, but then kind of forgot about it, and other than that, I'm dependent on neighbors, who are sometimes not here, sometimes their child doesn't go, sometimes their child is sick.....when I think of what I could have done with the money otherwise, I get sick too!

Throughout the winter, I've been putting aside money for Pesach -- a couple hundred shekels every few months. So when I arrive at Pesach, I don't panic when I see the money flowing through my fingers. Not much, anyway. The work project outside my house is a mess, and I'm worried about how I'm going to be able to rent out my guest room this summer. I'm counting on that money for summer pool expenses, Yochi's trip to Palm Beach (as a representative of Partnerhship 2000 teens), and maybe some weekend camping trips of our own. Is it so wrong of me to want to have some "extras" in my life? Sometimes, I feel guilty for wanting them, and sometimes, I feel guilty when I have a bit of extra money, and I don't have to save and scrimp for everything. I've become so used to watching every penny -- I really try not to buy anything that's not absolutely essential.

Aw, what the heck. I feel guilty, no matter what.

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