Monday, March 27, 2006

thank goodness for internet!

First of all, thanks to TsfatMarm for her post...aside from the knowledge that someone reads my ramblings, there were some interesting ideas there for brewers yeast.

HOWEVER...I just found this on the internet: "Since brewer's yeast is low in carbohydrates, fat, calories and sodium it is especially useful to diabetics, hypoglycemics, weight watchers and vegetarians". I forget the website that I found it on, but it was good to know that I can indulge A LITTLE without feeling guilty. I did ask my neighbor to air pop my popcorn, and yes, the brewers yeast and salt didn't stick to it much, but...such is life. I munched on it in the bottom of the bag after I finished the popcorn, and enjoyed it just as much (though it turns me into kind of a mess while it's dribbling on me at work).

Tomorrow is election day here. I'm not going to comment much on the Israeli elections, especially since I have very little to say besides...Israeli politics is just as disgusting as politics are anywhere, politicians are just as crooked, and the whole process leaves me just as disgusted. But it gives us a day off of work, since according to Israeli law, election day is a paid holiday! so I have a day to work on my fridge and stove and some other cleaning jobs pre-Pesach. It won't exactly be a day off, since there's a ton of stuff to do at home, but at least I don't have to take a vacation day to clean!

In addition to Pesach cleaning, I am scanning the internet for Seder ideas. It seems that we'll be home for this year's Seder, and though we may have another mother and her children with us, I can already see that the running of the Seder will pretty much fall on me.

One of the things that I've dreamed about for years is making an interesting, entertaining, interactive, inviting Seder, with lots of questions, discussions, and child-participation. We didn't have that too much for most of the years when my husband ran the Seder -- he just read through the Seder like a novel (though he let everyone take turns reading aloud). I guess that you do what you know. But I've been surfing guessed it...internet, and am preparing my crib sheet with questions and ideas. I HOPE that it will be fun, and will give my children something to build on when they establish their own homes.


TsfatMarm said...

I wouldn't say totally guilt free on the brewer's yeast, just remember that it's a very nutritional point. I had gestational diabetes every pg, and my last dietician was the one who showed me how much fat is in brewer's yeast. She was really good about encouraging me to choose good fat instead of bad fat.

For Purim, friends of ours always choose a "theme". One year we made all Persian food. This year was the Wild West. We all came as cowboys/girls and Indians, had chili, cornbread, and fixin's. Maybe it could work for Pesach, too? Everyone dress up as one of the Dayenu's...

I've heard of people pulling out a bag of toy 10 plagues at the 10 plagues reading. You know, throwing frogs everywhere, that kind of thing. I'm sure none of us in Israel would want any kinim (lice) thrown at the table, though.

My husband always does something funky at the beginning of the seder to get the kids to ask some sort of question (then he's 'yotzei' them asking and him answering right away). One year, he came back from shul, went into his room, and came out wearing his Purim top hat. Another year, he came out carrying a pillowcase over his shoulder and walking with a big stick. My favorite was when he sat down, and counted the Matzos on the matzo plate out loud, then handed the plate to my oldest to count, saying, "How many matzahs are there?". Then when she finished, he handed it to the next, asking the same question... finally someone asked what in the world he was doing!

At the bottom of this Pesach page are some 10 plagues packages listed. Not sure where to find them in Tsfat, but maybe you can get them in J-salem or have someone send some.

For recipes, I'm really an enthusiast for There's even a kosher/Jewish section in the discussion boards. A thread on Pesach has already been started, and two of the more prolific "cooks" there have noted their public cookbook lists. This year may be more of a challenge if we end up short on eggs!

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