Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yesterday we saw a solar eclipse, which was pretty neat. I knew that it was expected, but hadn't thought too much about it. Luckily, my co-worker kept us all up-to-date, and when the hour came, she made sure that we were ready to watch it, with the pin-prick in the cardboard and some X-rays on hand to look through and see the actual process. It was really quite something, and I was pleased that Hagai was home sick, because I was able to call him and tell him where there were some x-rays stored so that he could see the process for himself. He definitely got a better education at home yesterday than he did at school!

Yesterday was my english birthday. Forty-eight. Yochi made supper, and I frosted a cake that I had in the freezer and had "Happy Birthday" sung to me, and some back-rubs. Nice. I bought myself a food-processor with the Pesach money that my mother sent, which, believe me, was a very nice birthday present, since it will save me a LOT of time and energy in the future.

I also got my hair cut this morning, and at my friend's house, where I was getting it cut, caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I can actually SEE that I've lost weight! Hurray! Now if I can just get through Pesach without putting anything back on......The Weight Watcher's program really works, with its point system, and the kids help, always asking me "how many points in that? Have you finished all your points yet today? My problem is that now, I've gotten used to not eating, and am almost not meeting my mandatory points every day! Such problems! I never could have managed to pay the Weight Watcher's fee, much less to go to the weekly meetings -- leaving the house at night is addition to the time constraints, it's not nice to leave the kids alone in the house. But so good.

Pictures will be posted soon -- I figured it out, and just need to download them into my home- computer, one at a time. Oh well, easier than making hard copies of them and sending them out to everyone through the snail mail.

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