Sunday, December 18, 2005

Two schnorrers

One fact of life in Tzfat are the schnorrers. The people who are always asking for money.

There are 2 types: the people who stand on the street with their cups out, and the people who go door-to-door.

I try to always give everyone the door-to-doorers at least 10 shekels, because I figure that they're working a bit, even though the "work" is schnorring.

And I try to give the schnorrers with the cups something every day as well.

Because my office is on the street, with the door always open, I have my "regulars" who come in once a week (I told them that I could give each one 10 shekels once a week, or divide up their take into smaller amounts if they want to come in more often -- they prefer the once-a-week routine). There are about 5 people who I see this way, once weekly, rain, shine, snow, or whatever. And then, of course, there are those who come in infrequently.

This morning, I saw one of my regulars coming by, just as I was walking out to get a cup of coffee. I told her that I'd be back in a moment, and she waved and said "OK, I'll be there in a few moments". Then, I watched her schnoor from one of the street schnorrers. And he gave her something!

And they both smiled!

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