Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Rappeport Critters

Margalit and Miranda

Jenny and Yoda

Bagheera taking a snooze in the window pot, amongst the basil

Yesterday, while I was preparing for Shabbat, my 13-year-old son suddenly called out "Ema! Come quickly!". I raced over to the entrance hall and stared in amazement at our cat, Yoda, who had climbed up the bird cage that's against the wall (built into the staircase wall, about 3 meters high and half a meter wide....a paradise for any bird!) and was sitting on the wire netting which stretches over the top. He was obviously stuck, and not happy about it, judging from his pathetic mews.

"Just let him stew" I instructed Hagai, and Ariella, who had come in the house in the meantime. "When he gets good and hungry, he'll come down".

Despite their wails and worried looks, I refused to allow them to set up the ladder next to the cage and go get the stupid's too high, and I'm too nervous to have the ladder perched on a stair while one of them climbs it.

So they held out one of the curtains that I've used in the past to close the cage (we used to have cockatils, who screech in the morning, so we put up curtains so that we could get a few extra minutes of sleep before the cockatils realized that morning had arrived....I wasn't sorry to see them kick the bucket at an unusually young age, and certainly didn't replace them) and Yoda ran down the curtain to the ground, bringing down the curtain with him.

Yoda is just the newest of our furry creatures...the others are Angora, a daushaund-type dog, Jenny, a terrier (I guess) pup, Bagheera, another male cat, and Miranda, a neurotic cat who almost never leaves the safety of the girls' bedroom.

All of these guys were, as I guess one says in America, "rescued", though I have another way of looking at some of them. The dogs, to be honest, are on my head....I found Angora as a puppy, digging through the garbage, and brought her home, thinking "she's so cute. I'll have no trouble finding a home for her!" HA! Seven years later, she's still here, sleeping on Hagai's bed every night.

We had an old terrier, Sparky, who died about a year-and-a-half ago, and I didn't replace her until Yoni had left the house...I didn't want to be obnoxious about doing something that would piss him off too greatly. But after he left, within a month, I started looking for a second dog, and when a neighbor advertised that they were taking care of a puppy but couldn't keep it, I took the kids to check her out, and when they OK'd it, brought her home. She's a sweet and loving animal, and is a great pleasure to me.

The cats however are another story. I don't really like cats, and could live very nicely without them.

Ariella brought Miranda home about 9 years ago...our neighbor asked Ariella if she wanted her, and Ariella said "sure" and carried Miranda home. And since I wasn't really anti-cat, and didn't care a whole lot, and was already cooking up chicken bones for the dogs anyway, I let Miranda stay. Miranda is a nervous and skittish cat, and she used to have a terrible habit of peeing in places where she shouldn't, like on the couch or my bed. She hasn't done it for the last year though, so I basically ignore her.

Margalit schlepped Bagheera home about 2 years ago, as a kitten, and again, I didn't really want him, but also didn't really care enough to go to war with Margalit to get him kicked out. Bagheera is a huge tabby who shows up about once every day or so to eat, and sometimes to sleep a bit, but other than that, he spends his time roaming the neighborhood.

Yoda, finally, is another Margalit-find...a ginger male cat who is spunky and full of himself. He and Jenny frequently roll around the floor, playing, and watching them is more fun than anything that the TV has to offer.

Now, Margalit wants a rabbit. We had one a few years ago, Lavander, who used to hop around the yard freely. I really liked Lavander...she went to the zoo when we were asked to host another rabbit for a weekend...that weekend turned into a month, and and suddenly, Lavander was digging up the yard, looking for a place to have her babies. But I'm thinking about it. Don't tell Margalit yet.

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