Wednesday, November 02, 2005


A family came to rent my room downstairs for two nights -- 500 shekels! Hurray! I can get some wedding presents for the two couples!

I've got to get some heating kerosene soon...the weather is turning cold, fast! I got Yochi some long-sleeved undershirts today at the shuk. She worries me...she's always tired and cold. I don't know what to do, since I simply can't afford to start heating so soon in the beginning of the winter. I know that we're supposed to pray for rain, but why can't it be rainy and WARM? There are years that it stays warm until December. How am I going to manage? AWK!

OK, one day at a time. And I should be thankful that I haven't had to cook yet this week, with all these weddings and wedding preparation meals.


The Frum Hippie said...

You know, my husband and I are moving up to Tzfat and we're wondering what the best would be to heat our house - what do you think?

Laurie said...

Check out,

the Tzfat yahoogroup. I'm not an expert, but we've been happy with the solar heating. Prices vary each year...some years it's the solar that's the cheapest, some years it's the electricity, and some years, it's gas, though when we used gas, we used to get headaches.