Monday, November 14, 2005

Modern life

The son that I sent back to the army yesterday, after his week of R&R, just showed up in my office to say "hi" and get the house keys...his group is being "reorganized" and he's been reassigned to a group that is on R&R THIS week! So, home he comes, at least until Wednesday. Sometimes, my house feels like Grand Central Station.

I was at the doctor's office this morning...Ariella needed a refill on a perscription (that, admittedly, I think that I threw away by accident) so I went to the doctor to request a copy of the perscription.

The doctor is a Russian lady, very nice. ButI was waiting among a group of Russian ladies in their 60s and 70s, and from the sounds that I heard coming through the door, it sounded like these ladies come to their doctor for some TLC, words of advice, conversation, etc. And, from the relationship between the women who were waiting with me, I definitely got the feeling that this visit to Kupat Cholim (the sick fund -- kind of like an Israeli-version of an HMO) wasthe equivilent of their social club. They all obviously knew each other and were used to spending their mornings with "their" doctor, or gossiping while they wait for her.

Just read in the Jerusalem Post yesterday about a new diet, the Bread Diet. Evidently, the objective is to eat moderate meals consisting of low-cal whole-wheat bread, with light spreads, but to eat when you want. Evidently, this is a good way to raise your "seriton" (or something like that) levels, which keeps you feeling full, and prevents you from, well, you know-- pigging out.

I like bread. A lot. So I'll give it a try. Though I can't buy the book, so I'll have to wing it based on what I read in the newspaper. Don't know if it'll work, but at least I won't be hungry all the time, like I was when I tried South Palm Diet (also, just from reading news accounts of it) or Weight Watchers (from a Xeroxed copy of someone else's booklet -- not only was it hard enough to think about living my day around my "points", but I had to struggle with the hebrew too).

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