Sunday, November 06, 2005

Heat 'er up!

I just took two jerrycans to my neighbor, who orders solar heating fuel for his roof-tank -- I hope that the company will fill up my jerrycans, so that I don't have to schlep them to the gas station to fill them up. We have a great heater for the winter, a kerosene heater that sits in the middle of the living room and heats things up nicely. (We only heat the living room -- if anyone wants to go to bed, they can snuggle down under the covers). But getting the "neft" (heating fuel) to the house is a process. Up until now, I've gone to the gas station and filled up the jerrycans, but I'm hoping that I can manage to get it done right down the street, if the company will agree.

The winter brings with it a whole new energy in the house, especially regarding the animals. When the heater is lit, the animals like to sit as close as possible, and sometimes, there is a bit of conflict over who gets to sit where...we've had Miranda, the cat (our snob) on one side of the heater, and Angora, the dog (kind of a daushaund) on the other, each eying each other. Last year, we also had Bagheera (whom my neighbor calls "Uncle Fred", which suits him...he's a Tom cat who just walks around the neighborhood slowly like he owns it) -- Bagheera rarely comes in, except for meals, but every once in awhile, he likes a bit of heat too, and then there are problems.

This year, we have added Jenny, our terrier (I guess...I don't know what else she might be) and Yoda, a ginger cat that Margalit dragged home at the beginning of the summer. So it will be interesting to watch the proceedings.

Having so many animals is something that I never expected. First of all, I am not a cat-person, and am not responsible for any of the cats being here. Ariella carried Miranda home when she (Ariella) was 9, and we just said "OK, let her stay". Last year, Margalit lugged home Bagheera, and we just said "OK, let him stay" (though he was supposed to be an outdoor cat, which didn't last long). And this summer, Margalit found Yoda, who rarely leaves the comfort of the house.

I guess it's just easier for me to feed them than to fight about taking them away. But the dogs are my responsibility. I like dogs, and brought home all three of ours. The first, Sparky, died last year at the age of 15. The second, Angora, was found by me about 7 years ago, rummaging through some garbage as a puppy...I brought her home, convinced that she was so cute that I'd have no trouble finding a home for her. Ha!

I didn't get a replacement for Sparky right away, because I knew that Yoni would be annoyed. But when he left (oh yes, Yoni is my husband...presently living down the street somewhere) I figured "why not?" And when I saw a notice on the local e-bulletin board reporting a found pup, I brought the kids to take a look, and once I got their OK, brought her home.

What can I say? An animal is a lot of work...five is a LOT of work! But I see, every day, the value of pet therapy. We get so much pleasure out of watching the critters' antics, and I and the kids love to sit and have a furry creature plop down on our laps for a nap and a pat. It's so soothing and relaxing -- I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now Margalit wants a rabbit. I'm thinking about it.

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