Thursday, November 10, 2005


I put a question mark on the title line because I can't think of a good title for this bit of musing.

A few nights ago, we saw a movie called "Spanglish". I don't usually put on the television, much less a movie, on school nights, but the movie that I had taken out last Friday didn't work, so I figured, OK, it would be fun.

So I took out Spanglish, which I had seen previewed on the previews of another movie, and it looked good.

Truth was, it was a very nice movie, about a non-english-speaking young mother who comes to America with her young daughter and gets a job as a sort of mother's helper in a well-to-do American family.

The family is kind of disfunctional, and at some point, the young daughter, about 12, comes to stay with the family while her mother works. The daughter enjoys the lifestyle of the wealthy, and is "sponsored" by the wealthy mother (Deborah), who takes her on as a "project". The Mexican mother (Flora) gets more and more upset as her daughter moves from what she sees as a sound and moral upbringing into enjoying the lifestyle which seems to be empty and unhealthy.

At the end, Flora abruptly pulls her daughter away from the home, quitting her job so that her daughter won't be exposed to these influences. When her daughter angrily demands "give me some space", Flora says "NO space between us!" and then goes on to ask her daughter "do you really want to be so different from me?"

It was a well-done movie, and the message was a good one.

So why am I having a difficult time with it?

Because there was a mandatory sex scene -- rather graphic. And there was an undertone of a developing relationship with the father and Flora, while Deborah was conducting an affair.

WHY can't one bring home a movie to show to their family without having to worry that their kids are being exposed to material which is inappropriate for their age and the kind of moral upbringing that the parents (or parent) is trying to provide for them?

And considering that this is the umpteenth time that such a thing has happened in my house...what should I do? No movies? Just Walt Disney? Personally, I wouldn't mind, but i have children who are young adults, and they'd be furious. They want movies which go beyond animation.

I'm also sorry that internet ever entered our's uncontrollable, and brings a lot of dangers with it. But again, if I get rid of it, I have to deal with the anger of my kids, who have gotten used to it. And right now, it's enough for me to struggle with margalit being pissed with me because I outlawed Yoda (ginger cat) from the house (because he poops daily in the living room).

On the other hand...can I really keep my children unexposed to all these outside influences?


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The Frum Hippie said...

well... i grew up with television/internet and now we don't have a tv in our house (my husband and i- no kids yet B"H). i think they're all poison! i really do. even the internet. how old are your children?
it's funny, because i saw the same movie, and i totally forgot about the sex scene! (i remembered the affair thing though) but you have to realize - hollywood = a formula, which includes sex. it's unfortunate. it's a very difficult decision! it's sad that the tele takes up so much of our time, when it's such a waste of time. maybe you can watch movies first, or only get PG movies? or PG-13? i don't know. about the internet, though, i know that i have settings (i use an apple macintosh) where the internet can ONLY get to certain websites. again, i don't need to use it yet (B"H) but it might be something worth looking into. experience the wrath of your children, and then they'll get over it. YOU'RE the boss!!! :D