Thursday, October 27, 2005

This week in a nutshell....

It would take a big nutshell to describe this last week -- it held the end of Succot, Simhat Torah, the return of most of the kids to school, holiday guests, Shabbat guests, Avishai's stay at home for almost a week from the army, and now, preparations for NEXT WEEK.

Obviously, next week is most on my mind now -- I have 2 weddings that I have to go to, because they're both for good friends' children. I like going to weddings, don't get me wrong. But in this part of the world, going to a wedding almost always involves getting on a bus for a 3-hour ride to the center of the country, where most of the weddings are held. People who organize weddings tell me that, even when both of the partners of the couple are from Tzfat, it's cheaper to charter busses and trek down to the Jerusalem area and rent out a hall there.

Anyway, the stress of travelling twice in one week, not to mention trying to accomplish everything else that I have to do next week (work, tutoring, house, children), plus the worry about Margalit when I'm not home (she's so high-energy and difficult that I feel bad about leaving her to Yochi to deal with) made me dream about these weddings last night. In my dream, I was going to a 3rd this point, a lot of the dream is foggy, but I remember my concerns about how I could manage were the same.

In preparation, I'll try to cook as much for next Shabbat today and tomorrow night, since I'm also making a Sheva Brochot (after-wedding celebration) for one of the couples next Saturday evening, and am supposed to provide a cake for the other couple's kiddush next Shabbat. And, this week, the house just won't get washed down. I'm also considering taking one of the days off of work and travelling to the Jerusalem area to visit Ariella's school, and then continuing on with her to the wedding, since she's also invited. Then she can come home with us on the bus. Oy, I get so tired of planning everything ahead of time!

Tov, enough kvetching...I'll review the holidays later, when I can wrest the computer away from my offspring again. (The only way I got it for so long now was because it's school-time).

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