Friday, September 09, 2005

What's my part in this?

I just read an article about the animal-protection people who have been going into Gush Katif for the past 2 weeks, rescuing the abaondoned animals.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I fail to see how people who wave the banner of Torah, as did many of the residents of Gush Katif in explaining their insistance on maintaining their settlements there (not that I totally disagree) could act in such a cruel manner as to abaondon their defenseless animals during the evacuation.

Bewildered dogs, cats, I missing something? Can that be justified? How do parents explain to their children why they left Fido behind to fend for himself, just because they were distressed? They couldn't have planned beforehand?

I guess I have seen so much anti-Torah behavior lately that people somehow justify that I can't be too suprised. People with kippas on their head who...oh, never mind.

At any rate, I volunteered to take an extra animal. Not that I'm so excited about adding another mouth to be fed here, (and if it's a barker, my neighbor will have a fit) but I feel obligated to do SOMETHING, and this is something that I can do. I hope that it also makes an impression on my children, that when something happens, we should all ask ourselves "what is my part in this? What can I do?"

In other animal news, our new pup is probably pregnant. I tried to get her spayed several months ago, but she ran away, and then I never dealt with it, though's time. Unfortunately, it comes together with the whole Gush Katif mess, so all the vets that do low-cost spaying are presently trying to utilize the last days that Israel is in Gaza to get the last of the animals. Hopefully, by next week, we can arrange to have Jenny taken care of.

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Anonymous said...

oh for crying out loud. may be becuase they knew that they would be rendered HOMELESS because of the government. maybe they had other things on their minds. i have pets who i love, but if i knew that i was going to be homeless and unable to provie for them, i am going to take care of my children first.