Monday, September 12, 2005

on-line dating

No, I haven't started dating on-line yet, or dating in any other manner either!

Someone from Livnot suggested that, in my free time (of which I have a lot at work lately) I could join some of the on-line Jewish dating services and "chat" with people (obviously with the intention of getting them to come to Livnot!)

So I went "onto" Friendster" today, and discovered that it's too complicated for me -- finding who is out there, who is on-line at any given time, who has the kind of interests that might make them a good candidate for LIvnot, etc. I haven't figured out how one writes to another person, how one retrieves what's been written to him/her, how one sets up a "chat" with friends....awk! Just when I was beginning to think that I knew a little about computers (I helped a friend download a program onto a CD yesterday -- we found the little "send to" menu that allowed us to send the program to the CD) something like this comes up, and I'm back to square one.

I guess if I was truely interested in the dating game, I would hammer it out. But somehow, trying to find that one person out of 1000 who might be interested in coming to pessimism overtakes my optimism at this point.

Of course, I can see how someone who is doing serious on-line mate-searching could get a LOT more frustrated than I! I'm looking for program participants, while they're looking for a life-partner! (Though doing it the old-fashioned way wasn't very successful for me either, in the long-term).

In other news, we're hoping to go camping again this Shabbat. All the kids (except for Avishai, who will not be home from the army this week) seem interested, and I told them all that they could all invite a friend. Don't ask me how we're going to get 9 people, 2 dogs, and all our equipment into the car. God will help, I guess. There are a bunch of people in the neighborhood who are going to go together, so it should be fun.

Hope the dog doesn't throw up this time.

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