Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lists, lists, lists, lists, lists................................

So, as one can guess, this posting will be about.....uh huh.

First of all, this past Shabbat I took the kids camping again. This time was even better than the first. There were about 6 families and some singles, and LOTS of children, so in addition to the extra friends that we brought, the kids were busy with their friends for the whole Shabbat. Avishai ended up coming home for Shabbat from the army, which I hadn't planned for (if I would have known that he was going to come home, I probably wouldn't have planned to go) but he didn't want to leave Tsfat, so he stayed here on his own, and probably had a marvolous time.

The families that camped all set up their tents in the same general area, and each group had their own picnic table for the meals. But in between eating, the adults walked around, talking to one another, sitting, schmoozing, drinking and generally hanging out. Everyone who wanted to daven did so on their own. The kids mostly swam all day, and except for mealtimes, I barely saw them. Ariella brought a friend, and Hagai brought a friend. Yochi hung out with Ariella and her friend, and Margalit had one friend that she brought, plus a gang of other 9-year-old girls who spent the day together. I had enough food for everyone, and it was, if I say so, reasonably tasty. I made a huge chocolate cake which we served to everyone to celebrate Ariella's birthday, and I think that she was pleased. As for me, I slept, read, and relaxed. Got to do this more often!

Now it's time to get ready for The Bar Mitzva...Hagai's, which is next Shabbat.

I will move into organizational mode next week, and will take a couple of days off of work to organize everything and prepare what I need to prepare. But in the meantime, I just keep thinking about what needs to be done, and when. It's one big puzzle...everything has to fit into everything else. When do I move the kiddush cakes from the place where they're frozen to the shul? When do I get the drinks to the places that they need to be, and how? When do I make the salads that I'm going to prepare for the Melava Malka? If I cook for Shabbat on Thursday, will I have enough time on Friday to get everything to its proper place? And onward.

Monday, already, the kids are off school for Rosh Hashana, which leaves me with a lot of time to be rushed and endlessly preparing/shopping/cleaning, with no "alone" time. I think that I'm going to spend Rosh Hashana in BED!


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