Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams.....

I've moved on from making lists of what I have to do this week to get ready for the Bar Mitzva to dreaming about it. Incessently. I wake up every morning panic-stricken about something that I didn't do. Of course, in my dream, the bar mitzva is taking place at that instant, and what I didn't do in my dream is something that I real life, these are things that I have to remember to take care of.

And, of course, thanks to my lists, I think that I'm fairly well on top of things. But it's still in my subconscious.

My biggest worry right now is getting everything from where it is now to where it's supposed to be when we need it. I'm mainly worried about getting the heavy stuff to the place where it should be, whether I'll have enough food (though it looks like I'll have enough to carry me well into 5766) and enough drinks, etc. I had thought of hiring a caterer and leaving the headache to him, but it would have probably cost close to twice what I'm paying for the party as-is, which would have left me feeling...guilty. (Boy, if there's one person who embodies the tradition of Jewish guilt, it's matter what I'm doing, I feel guilty about what I'm not doing). So, I'll just have to resign myself to getting little sleep this week.

Margalit is beside herself, excited about having her cousin and his parents (my brother, wife, and 10-month-old son) here. She's pretty much appointed herself to be Shimshi's nanny for the Shabbat while they're here, which probably works well for her parents. She's made pictures for them, written them letters, and is generally giddy with excitement.

Now it's time to also think about the menu for the meals, with thoughts of how to have enough vegetarian food for my (now) two vegetarians. Maybe we'll all just turn vegetarian and solve alot of problems.


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