Wednesday, September 28, 2005


OK, now my weeks of organizational skills are going to be put into action.

I've already bought the drinks from the local drink store and schlepped the ones for the Melava Malka to the Livnot campus, and the ones for the kiddush, home.

I bought all the paper stuff, and likewise, divided up everything.

Food and vegetables have all been purchased. Rolls and pizzas have been ordered and paid for.

Tomorrow, I will be cooking for the Friday night and Saturday lunch meals. Seudat slishit will have to be pitas and leftovers and salads. Sorry.

For Friday night, I need to make soup (keeping some without chicken bones for the vegetarians), gefilte fish, and chicken stew (keeping some stew out for the vegetarians). Plus, I guess, a salad.

Saturday lunch will be snitzels (already breaded and fried), cholent (with some put aside for the you-know-whos), vegetable roll, and salads.

My brother just called to check and make sure that the chechsher that I bought was OK. I bought the best chehsher that I could find. Now he's checking to make sure that it's OK. Oy.

For the Melava Malka, I need to make tabouli, tuna, egg salad and tehina for 150 people. Bake the burekkas. Put out the rolls. Set up the coffee table.

And when all this is done, well, it's Sunday, and Rosh Hashana is Monday night.

Need I say more?

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