Monday, August 22, 2005

THIS week

Having made it through most of summer vacation, we are now faced with Klezmer week in Tzfat, and then, thankfully, the last 1/2 week before school starts again. This is my busiest time of the year, not only because I'm trying to maintain my calm throughout this absolutely crazy crowded week, when all sorts of personalities stream through here, but in addition, I have to make sure that my Visitors Center is fully staffed from 9:00a.m. through 11:00p.m., and stocked with maps, booklets, advertisements for all the places that want their advertisements put out, etc.

Nothing raises my blood pressure as much as when families come in, and the kids grab up all the advertising cards like they're collecting baseball cards -- I guess that I feel bad for the business people who pay a lot of money for these cards to be printed up. But it REALLY drives me nuts when adults do that -- they take one of each card, knowing full well that they have no intention of going to any of these places. (How do I know? Because these are inevitably the same families who balk at paying 3 shekels per person to see the 10-minute movie that I have on Tzfat, so how are they going to pay 20 shekels per person for their family to go kayaking, or jeeping, or horseback riding, or whatever?)

I finally decided that I'm going to post a sign saying "3 free cards per family...after that, 1 shekel per card". I hope that some of these guys can read!

I have my extra room rented out for 3 nights this week, and I hope that I can get some more rentals between then and the time that Ariella returns home next wouldn't be nice to rent out her room when she's just coming home! Though I did promise her that each time we rent it out, it would cover one drivers' lesson for her, so she may decide that she's prepared to move in with her sisters for a few nights and reap some driving lessons in return. We'll see.

In the meantime, Yochi is in Bay Ayin with her friend, and Margalit has been sleeping with her friend for a few nights, so it's been me and Hagai for a couple of nights. Quiet, but kind of restful.

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