Sunday, July 31, 2005

Radical Amazement

So after spending hundreds of shekels to give the car its 10,000 mile check-up, fix all the problems that the garage-owner told me about, etc., I decided to actually USE the car for something besides chauffering and shopping, and the girls and I, together with some friends, went camping this weekend.

We went to a beautiful place next to the Jordan River, with all sorts of little streams running through it, and had a great time. It was simply a relaxing shabbat -- the kids could jump in and out of the water all day, as could the dogs, and the adults could sit, talk, drink, and relax. What could be better?

At some point, I made myself look at things from a broader perspective, and consciously acknowledge how lovely the little things in life could be, and how happy one could be if they just recognized the good things. Sitting next to a stream isn't a big deal, but it can be if you give yourself the time to just remind yourself what a blessing it is.

Livnot teaches "radical amazement" to chevre, which, I believe (though I've never officially been a part of a Livnot group) is the concept of allowing yourself to be open to new experiences, new horizons, new challenges, and to allow yourself to be amazed over and over by what these expereinces can teach you.

I'm not as good at it as many others, but I hope that, as time goes by, I will be more conscience of being radically amazed constantly, of being able to not only approach new experiences with an open mind, but to search out such experiences for myself and my children.

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