Saturday, July 02, 2005

new Jewish custom

Had a nice Shabbat lunch today with some interesting people.

We had two young women from the Livnot program, a man who is originally from Queens and now lives in Saipan (an island off the coast of Japan -- he teaches english there) and is here to volunteer for a few weeks, and a neighbor who just recently made aliyah from California (and whose wife is back visiting their daughter, who is expecting twins).

The conversation flowed nicely, and it was an enjoyable day. Something funny the end of the meal, I collected the plates and put the bones on one plate to give to the animals. One of the girls from Livnot said "oh, we did that last night at dinner at LIvnot too. I guess that's something that people do".

I had to laugh -- I told her that LIvnot collects the bones for ME, and that I'd be there tomorrow morning to collect them for our dogs and cats! Hm-m-m-m-m, maybe if I could convince more people around here to start a new tradition, I could save myself a lot of money on dog and cat foot!

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