Thursday, July 28, 2005

More "Lessons from Mother"

21. Forget about reminding everyone that "if they don't hold onto their house keys, they'll loose them. Just pay a monthly visit to the keymaker, and keep the peace.

22. Try not to wonder why Avishai is using a winter blanket until well into the summer, but keeps the fan directed at him. Something about "security", I guess.

23. Never be suprised at the childrens' taste. Margalit likes sushi.

24. Feldman's ice-cream may be the cheapest in the city, but if no one eats it, it's not cheap.

25. "Massages" are the best way to keep everyone touching, hugging, connecting physically. Suggest a massage at the drop of a hat for all.

26. Olga gets her cage cleaned every 3 days. She loves grass...ask the Rezniks to bag their grass when they mow their lawn, and give it to us. Other than that, lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers, together with a handfull of guina-pig food once a day satisfies her. Also, keep a couple of shoeboxes with little doorways cut in her cage for her to hide in. Change the shoeboxes, which get dirty frequently, every month or so.

27. Most information about the teenagers doesn't come directly from comes from overhearing their phone conversations to their friends. Keep an ear out. Some serious problems can be averted, or minimalized, by listening to what they tell their friends.

28. Whenever an authority figure is around, don't assume that Margalit is behaving...assume that she's not. Keep in contact with the authority figure (teacher, youth group guide, lifeguard, counselor, etc) to coordinate actions and reactions -- otherwise, she does whatever she pleases with no thoughts of consequences (she just assumes that there won't be any).

29. When Margalit goes to the pool, coordinate it with Racheli, Zohar, Noa, Ateret, and Ra'aya. Others will appear.

30. Ariella's lost cell phone can usually be found under one of the cushions of the couch.

31. A lot can be discerned by an e-mail address. Hagai's is "MasterGildan".

32. Keeping the TV off in the late afternoons and evenings is probably the most restful and bonding thing that can be done, if one does have a TV in the house. Everyone sleeps much better without having seen the graphic TV news images. Evenings are much calmer. Morning TV is OK for kids' shows during vacations, but that's it.

33. Oregano is Hagai's herb of choice, for almost everything. That and paparika.

34. Buy the cheap shampoo and pour it into the bottles of the more expensive shampoo. Ariella and Yochi will be thrilled at getting the "good stuff", their hair will be just as clean, and no one will ever be the wiser.

35. Same thing with diet coke into a regular coke bottles.

36. Same thing with generic corn flakes into the Telma Corn Flakes boxes.

37. Keep keys in the gas balloon. Someone is always forgetting theirs, and the chances that a thief will find the keys, get past Angora and Jenny's yaps, and actually find something in the house worth stealing, are minimal.

38. Keep a running list of the kids' friends, so that when one of the kid's whereabouts is unknown, you have some possibilties to call.

39. Keep a running list of teachers. The chances that the kids will actually tell you what their teacher's home phone number is when you need it are about zero.

40. Remember...there's third partner involved in raising children. Demand His help. Without it, all the lists in the world are useless.

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