Thursday, July 07, 2005


Took Ariella and Hagai to the airport on Tuesday, and left them ticketed and waiting to go to the next stage of security. Ariella wanted to wait to say good-bye to Ariel, her boyfriend-of-the-moment, who was coming to the airport to bid her farewell, and I had a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of me, so didn't want to wait.

Actually, I had organized this trip so that Ariella could escort Hagai to the States -- Yoni's father had asked that he come this summer, and otherwise, getting him there would have been difficult. But as I watched my two kids navigating the first steps of airport security and check-in, I felt like it was Hagai who would be guiding his sometimes-scatter-brained sister through the ropes. As they were being ticketed, he competently got out the correct tickets, papers, passports, etc., and answered the clerk's questions, while Ariella chatted away on her cellphone, oblivious to the necessity of putting it away for 5 minutes.

One way or another, they arrived safely in Detroit Wednesday, and if jet lag doesn't take over, (he said that he slept the whole flight, so he should be fairly well rested) Hagai will join his cousins at their day camp for a day of canoeing. I am excited for the two of them. I hope that this summer serves as a good period of time for Ariella to strengthen herself emotionally, and make some good healthy decisions for herself. And as for Hagai, I'm excited that he's going to have time with his cousins, a number of whom are his age, to get to know them and maybe have some of the positive aspects of their lives spill over on him. This year has not been easy for Hagai, and he's struggling.

Here in Tzfat, in the meantime, another family who sent their child to the States for a summer camp received the devestating news that the girl, 19, had died in her sleep. Evidently a fast-moving meningitis shot her temperature up to 106 during the night, and she simply passed away. It's a family that I know, and I'll have to go to this shiva...I'm dreading it. Lovely girl, terrific family that's always doing for others -- my heart breaks for them.

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