Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I once again started out my week sleep-deprived -- as much as I've been looking forward to catching up on my sleep throughout the week, when Shabbat comes, I inevitably sit up late reading on Friday night (since I never have any other time to do such a thing), and then whatever extra sleep I get on Saturday mornings or during my afternoon nap, I waste by staying up again late on Saturday night.

Sunday I came home from work at 4:30 and washed down the entire house which REALLY needed it after a weekend of all 5 kids and their friends home. Then some shopping. Yesterday, I left work in the middle of the day to pick up Ariella from Hatzor on her way back from 11th grade. She came back with two huge stuffed backpacks, and now I know where all my missing sheets and towels went to.

I stayed at work late to make up for the run to Hatzor, and took Margalit to her Occupational Therapy appointment, with a quick stop in at the library for some books for Hagai and Yochi. Then, at 8:30, hagai and I went to his school for the end-of-the-year party for the 7th graders. They called it the class bar-mitzva party, but it was mostly an attempt by the staff to convince parents that the school is terrific, and that they should leave their boys there after the 8th grade, when many kids leave. We'll see about that when the time comes...hagai likes the school, and has a lot of friends there, so thank goodness, in the meantime, he's happy. And in the long-term, we'll see, though if I have to sit through many more late nights like last night, listening to endless quiz games and watching the students' computer Power-Point projects being demonstrated on the wall, I may look for somewhere that doesn't expect parents to show up at all!

Today is the first day of vacation for the older kids -- Margalit has another 2 weeks of school. Ariella is easing into her vacation by going OUT at 12:30a.m. last night, and leaving a note on her door this morning informing me to NOT wake her up or make any noise. She's been "keeping company" with a boy named Ariel, which is kind of funny, Ariel and Ariella.

Yochi and her friends are heading to Haifa for the day, and I think that Hagai's friends were going to convince him to go to the pool this morning, though he didn't call me for money, so I don't know if that came about. I have been making noises about taking out a membership at a local pool for Yochi and Margalit (Ariella and Hagai are leaving for the States on July 6th) -- there's one at the hotel next door to us which removes the burden of transportation from my shoulders. Hopefully next month....I had hoped that margalit would agree to go to summer day camp, which would put a little structure into her day, but she is absolutely opposed, and I don't have the energy to insist, since I know that it would just be one more task for me every day, to get her out of bed while everyone else is sleeping and off to the camp. So she'll hang around the house this summer, and maybe get to the pool a bit. Summer vacation is a TEST.

Found Ariella's mouth mold which she'd lost again -- she leaves it sitting around, wherever she is (bathroom sink, kitchen, next to the computer, whatever) and at least once a day, is searching for it. This last time, it disappeared for about a week. If there's anyone more disorganized than Margalit, it's her older sister.

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