Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Long Hot Summer

Just as I've been congratulating myself for living in a less-populated section of the country, and thus not being affected by the tummult going on surrounding the disengagement, specifically the road-blockings, I find myself anticipating being in the midst of just such a mess.

This afternoon, I am taking the kids to their yearly dental check-up, at our dentist whose office is about 45 minutes south of Tzfat. There are plenty of dentists here, but we have been going to this particular dentist for many years, an American-trained friend of ours who is particularly good with kids (my children have actually always looked forward to their yearly check-ups, though that's also partly due to the fact that they seem to have great teeth, and even though they don't pay attention to my reminders to brush their teeth, they rarely get cavities). Our appointment is at 4:00pm, and the anti-disengagement forces have called their protest for 5:00, just as we are setting out for home.

I haven't quite figured out why these groups announce their intentions beforehand, since it simply alerts the police to station a couple of thousand extra police at key intersections, but it does serve the purpose of making the public dread their drive, wherever they may be headed!

In general, I hear about most of these "strikes" and "blockages" from the news, and stay generally unaffected. However, this year, we seem to be innundated. The airport technicians are creating difficulties at the airport too, and Hagai and Ariella are set to fly to the States on Tuesday evening, in the midst of their threatened "work-dispute".

Living in this country "squeezes the juice from you", as the expression goes.

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