Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Golda and me

Heard a funny story today. A lady came into the Visitors Center with her family -- she's about 65, and said that he had worked for Israel all her life, but this was her first trip, and she's overwhelmed with emotion. That reminded me of my grandparents' trip -- after a lifetime of working for Israel, they also finally came in '58.

A co-worker was sitting here when I mentioned it (she was fixing my computer, which has been making unpleasant sounds of distress lately), and I told her how Buba and Zeida (my grandparents) had worked for zionistic causes back when no one ever really believed that a Jewish State would ever be a reality, and they used to host Golda Meir and other fund-raisers when they came to the States, and that Buba and Zeida were themselves hosted by Golda when they came to Israel.

So my co-worker said "well, I have Golda's gadkas" (long-johns).

She went on to explain that when her husband came to Israel and was in the army in the early '70s, he met Golda's secretary, who was the aunt of his friend, and while they were talking, the secretary asked this young soldier how army life was. "Well" he said, "I'm stationed on Mt. Hermon, and it's cold there".

"When Golda was Foreign Minister in Russia" the secretary said, "and we were stationed in Moscow, it was cold there too. Golda bought gatkes there and wore them, but she doesn't need them any more, so go ahead and take them".

So that's how Golda's gadkes came to be in co-worker's husband wore the gadkes for several years of army service, and his son subsequently wore them during HIS service in Lebanon.

You never know when you'll meet up with fame!

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