Monday, June 27, 2005


This evening, the anti-disengagement forces have called for a nationwide protest "moment of silence" to demonstrate opposition to the upcoming disengagement.

This one, unlike previous demonstrations, will not involve blocking the roads and facing the wrath of the local police force. It involves wearing something orange (the "official" color of the anti-disengagement opposition) and standing next to various intersections in roads throughout the country in a silent show of opposition.

Up until now, my political "voice" in this whole historical episode has been to simply tie a orange tie on the car, which more and more people are doing. Part of this is because I'm kind of ambivilent about the whole thing -- on the one hand, the thought of uprooting the families, homes, communities, schools, businesses, etc., that people have created under very trying circumstances is abhorent, especially after the government expressedly encouraged people to go and make their lives there for many years.

On the other hand, I'm aware that keeping 8000 individuals in an area surrounded by a million enemies is not the greatest strategy.

So I'm not sure where I'll be at 6:00p.m., though I'm leaning towards going, mostly because I see this as a dangerous precedent which could lead to all sorts of other "disengagements" in the future. (And, let's be honest...going to a demonstration is a lot more exciting than staying at home and figuring out what to cook for dinner).

There are some weeks when the list of "to dos" overwhelms me -- this week, in addition to full-time work, shopping, cleaning, cooking, child-care, etc., I have to take the kids for dental appointments, organize Ariella and Hagai's departure for the States, organize pool cards for the summer, make doctor appointments to check out Margalit's headaches (I suspect a milk allergy, but we're still checking), make sure that Ariella has a school for next year, and a million other things.

Just when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I read an article on the website, And it's so accurate, so meaningful, that I'd be willing to go home today at 4:00 and wash a million floors and organize a million appointments, just to know that I will be able to say "I love you" to my children forever.

That was brought home to me again today...walking to work this morning, I walked by two women, acquaintences, who were talking about a Tzfat boy who is missing. I stopped to ask what was happening, and they told me that the boy, 18 years old, had completed his last matriculation exams and gone to the sea with some friends...he is now missing in the sea. He is the only child of the principal of the Amit High older children certainly know him.

There are simply no words...and no way to express how happy I am to be busy with appointments and housework and the day-to-day drudgery of my life.


7:00p.m. The news just announced that the boy's body was found. I can't even imagine.........

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