Monday, May 30, 2005

Almost June

Lag B'omer passed successfully -- Hagai's bonfire lasted until 6:30a.m., at which point he sat outside talking to his friends for another 2 hours, came in the house, told me how "interesting" it was that he wasn't AT ALL tired, and then proceeded to conk out on the couch. Yochi went off with her friends, who made cheese sandwiches and watched movies all night. Ariella did something in Tel Aviv with her friends. And Margalit and I made a bonfire in our yard and roasted hot dogs and hosted some neighbors and their kids. It took me 3 days to recover from the exhaustion, but that stage of the spring has on to Shavouth.

Just saw that the local Tzfat Women's Writers group, which has been meeting weekly for ages, has now started an on-line writing course for religious women. They have a website and most of their staff are my neighbors. There's a lot of talent in Tzfat, which I always notice anew whenever someone does something creative, like put on a play, or organize a choir, or now this...the writing group. Being Tzfat, most of these things are done in gender-separated frameworks (OK, ALL of these things are done in gender-separated frameworks), so I don't know if there is similar talent among the guys -- they also don't tend to organize themselves like the women do, so they don't have the evenings out to see the plays and choirs, and they don't have groups like the writers group which supports each other as they develop their writing skills. But among the!

The Women's Writing Group has been meeting for more years than I can remember -- every Wednesday afternoon for longer than I've been in Tzfat. Some of the women have published work, some are trying, and some are simply having fun, but it's a mutually supportive group which I hope to join someday, probably when I retire. I have my fantasies about harboring untapped talent, though I am aware that I'd need to do something about my spelling first!

Oh well, I guess that this blog is my writing group

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